Everyone has their favorite yoga clothing store, but if you talk to most women, you’ll find that many of them are dedicated to one of maybe three different brands. While the likes of Lululemon and Athleta have earned their highly-revered status thanks to high-quality garments and a variety of trendy styles, there are plenty of other makers of active wear out there that can jazz up your collection of tanks and capris. Yoga is all about discovery, so take a minute to look outside of yourself and into these other awesome brands that could be the perfect fit as you conquer yet another Upward Lotus. Here are some of the best yoga clothing brands:


Zella – Nordstrom’s yoga and active wear brand that offers affordable options for women, men and even younger girls, at a reasonable price point. The Zella PRO program, available at select stores, offers members selected through an application process the perks of discounts, seasonal giveaways, teaching Nordstrom-sponsored fitness classes, and the ability to partner with Nordstrom to spread fitness and fashion news.

AloYoga – Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company’s high-performance line demonstrates maximum quality, innovation, and on-trend styling that its local clientele expect. AloYoga boasts a commitment to excellence as very garment is created by a design team of yoga enthusiasts and tested to ensure the most comfortable and most flattering fits to carry you through your next flow.

SoybuCommitted to sustainability, this brand manufactures clothing made from soy, bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled materials. Their products are designed to last with an abundance of shape-holding and figure-flattering stretch, and have been featured in US Weekly, Yoga Journal and Health magazine.

Lily Lotus – Perfect for the busy woman who needs a look that can take her from yoga to brunch without basically screaming, “I just worked out!” this company encourages a lifestyle of laid back luxury and positivity. Their streamlined designs are just as comfortable and functional at the studio as they are at the grocery store or catching up with friends, and always with a colorful twist.

Mika – A go-to for discovering unique active wear for a variety of different activities, including yoga. The company places great emphasis on the differences and uniqueness of each woman’s body and strives to produce products which will celebrate them all. Their shorts, capris, tops, and much more are designed to move with you whether you’re pushing through a hot yoga session, twirling through a pole dancing class, or swimming laps. 

Old Navy – A destination for affordable basics for years, the store expanded its active wear line in 2011 to rave reviews. Now a one-stop shop for work, play, and exercise clothing, the brand offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of sizes out of almost any selection you’ll find, and have converted several one-brand devotees with their colorful collection of stylish tops and crops. At the end of the day, what’s not to love about $12 yoga pants?

prAna – This brand is for the fun-loving, soulful yogi who is well-traveled and cares about their impact on the world. Their apparel and accessories created with organic cotton, natural fibers and recycled materials are manufactured using fewer toxins and chemicals, and they have a long-withstanding commitment to sustainability and community.


When you find a brand of clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident, it will undoubtedly radiate throughout your yoga practice. Maintaining commitment to one brand or store is perfectly fine, but taking a look at what else is out there is always a good idea. A new favorite could lead to greater progress, and soon enough, maybe that forearm balance won’t seem so daunting after all.


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the 7 best yoga brands

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          These pants are from prAna, the model name is “malibu pant”. However I just searched their website and it looks like they discontinued this model.
          You might be able to find it at third party retailers or online.
          Good luck! 🙂

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