When it comes to hair treatment, coconut oil is, hands down, one of the best natural remedies. The simple combination of cold-pressed coconut oil, essential oils and raw Manuka honey can do wonders for damaged hair. Together this simple mix moisturizes and regenerates, leaving hair healthy and a bit shinier after just a few deep conditioning treatments. 

The chemical structure of coconut oil allows fatty acids to actually penetrate the hair shaft and rejuvenate the hair from the inside out. Honey attracts and retains water molecules, therefore providing good hydration for the hair. Patchouli oil stimulates hair growth. Rosemary oil increases circulatory effects to the scalp. 

All the ingredients also have a long-standing reputation of excellence, with many different cultures using them as a way to protect from sun/weather damage, and strengthen and nourish hair. Once you try this mask you will understand what we are talking about!


2-4 tbsp Coconut Oil 

1 tbsp Raw Manuka Honey 

5-10 Drops Patchouli Oil

5-10 Drops Rosemary Oil 


Scoop honey and coconut oil into small pan and heat on stovetop at low heat until melted.

Add essential oils and stir everything properly. Let this mix cool off.

Apply mask to slightly wet hair (give extra love to the ends).

Cover your hair with a disposable plastic shower cap and a dry towel on top of it and allow it to sit for 1-2 hours.

Rinse and wash your hair, and allow drying as normal.

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