When following a weight loss plan, or working to keep the weight you’ve already lost at bay, you constantly think about calories, carbs, fats, if you can fit a workout in before tonight’s episode ofBig Bang Theory, and (let’s be real) a huge slice of sausage and green pepper pizza. Don’t get overwhelmed! Understanding how your body operates can make it much less stressful, yielding more successful results.


Metabolism is the rate at which your body uses energy—what we call “burning calories.” Your metabolism is continually burning calories, whether you are hanging out on the couch or jogging around the neighborhood. It is a constant two-part process of anabolism (when energy is created and stored) and catabolism (when energy is released). Essentially, your body saves that slice of sausage and green pepper pizza and uses it later on when you’re working it off on the Stairmaster.


Your metabolic activity isn’t reserved just for times of exercise: even while we sleep our metabolism is working. Your body is using energy to keep itself going. From making your heart beat to keeping your kidneys functioning, it never turns off. While it is true that some peoples’ metabolisms operate at a quicker rate than others, your true resting metabolic rate is influenced mainly by genetics, your general body size, and muscle mass.


Muscle mass is more than just defined biceps and quads; sure, it makes us strong, but it also helps burn calories! One pound of muscle burns about 15 calories a day, which is way more than one pound of fat ever did for you. Adding strength training to your routine boosts your metabolic rate, builds muscle, and keeps bones strong.


Here’s what NOT to do: skip meals. Missing lunch or seriously reducing your calorie intake causes the body to slow down your metabolism, stockpiling energy that it needs to continue operating. Likewise, when you eat too many calories (say, a whole sausage and green pepper pizza instead of a slice) without also increasing your physical activity, those unused reserves result in weight gain.


While your metabolism is increased through more intense activity, no matter what, it is always working for you. Rev up your workouts to set you on the right path towards healthy weight loss and maintenance; however, don’t fear the occasional treat. Your metabolism has got you covered.


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