It is no secret that exercising regularly boasts innumerable benefits for your body. Your heart, lungs, and muscles become more resilient, promoting a stronger looking and feeling self. A boost of confidence is not the only thing you’re achieving, however: Doctors have found that exercise can actually improve your immune system.


 Moderate daily activity provides a jolt to the cells in your body that are assigned to attack bacteria. These cells appear to work less diligently in people who don’t work out than in those who do, resulting in an immune system that is better equipped to handle the bacteria responsible for the cold floating around the office. Exercise sends antibodies and white blood cells through your system at a quicker rate, decreasing the effect of these everyday airborne illnesses and increasing the output of wastes, such as urine and sweat, which can flush out carcinogens (substances that can cause cancer). 


Accomplishing this bump in immunity couldn’t be easier. By following a reasonable activity schedule consisting of daily 20-30 minute walks, a bi-weekly bike ride, or hitting the gym every few days, you’ll speed up your cells and cut your yearly sick days nearly in half. However, be sure not to overcompensate with exercise to try to fight off the flu: Intense, long-term workouts (such as extreme weight training and marathon running) could actually decrease white blood cell circulation and produce an upsurge in the presence of stress-related hormones. Incorporating rest days and lighter activity into your plan maintains an even-keeled, properly-working immune system.


Next time you feel a stuffy nose coming on, delay your weekend of snuggling up in bed and get a few minutes of exercise in. Sick days should be spent playing hooky, not actually being sick!


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