I am often asked about my skin care regimen. While finding the right beauty treatment is important, an essential thing is not to add chemicals to any facials. (Yes, fancy creams are in this dangerous category too). Let me share with you an amazing natural recipe of Matcha Green Tea Toning Ice-Cubes that I learned from my mother years ago. I guarantee your face will thank you many times!

The benefits of using a facial toner are quite remarkable. Smaller looking pores, refreshed feeling, and the added moisture are just a few of the advantages. But did you know that using a toner also helps prevent ingrown hairs, restores the pH balance, and adds a layer of protection to your face? Toner achieves this by tightening cell gaps and reducing the penetration of impurities and containments in the environment.

This Matcha Green Tea Toning Ice-Cubes are an easy and natural way to gain these benefits and all from the comfort of your kitchen. With only four ingredients you probably already have around your house, you can create a batch of facial toning ice cubes and use this natural skin treatment first thing in the morning. I love the fresh face feeling I have as I face my day!

1 tsp. Yuve matcha green tea
2 Cucumbers
4 tbsp. Aloe Vera
5 drops vitamin E 
Place matcha powder in a bowl. Add boiled water to the bowl and whisk until it is frothy. Set aside.
Place cucumber in a juice maker and squeeze the juice.
Mix juice with the matcha green tea in a bowl.
Add aloe vera juice and vitamin E drops and mix everything properly.
Pour “magic” green liquid into ice-cube trays and put them in the freezer.
Apply one matcha ice-cube to your face every morning and see daily skin improvements.

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Lola Sherunkova

While devoting many years of her life to choreography and fashion, Lola always made healthy eating an important personal mission. She’s traveled the world and sought out coveted, non-traditional recipes for enhanced health and beauty from an array of cultures. Passionate about nutrition, she’s also studied alternative medicine and herbalism and thrives on sharing her knowledge with others.

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