Green Tea has a wonderful effect on the body. A hot cup of tea warms you up on a cold rainy day, and the pleasant aroma gives a charge of vivacity and good mood.


This magic drink reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system and activates the immune system. It saturates the body with lots of moisture and perfectly quenches thirst. Moreover, green tea helps to strengthen tooth enamel and gums, while antioxidants help fight tooth decay (if drank without sugar). Holding tea in our mouths can prevent oral diseases.


This healthy beverage is an ideal way to diet because it contains no calories. Drinking green tea regularly accelerates your metabolic processes and helps you to get rid of extra pounds.


The antibacterial and anti-aging properties of green tea have been widely applied in the production of various skin products. Adding green tea in cosmetics helps eliminate inflammation, heal wounds, tone, moisturize, reduce swelling, and increase skin elasticity. Washing or wiping our faces with a green tea ice cube refreshes our skin and makes it look younger.


Now that you know all the benefits of this amazing drink, you will enjoy its rich flavor and aroma more. You can buy green tea in stores or simply make your own delicious healthy drink. Enjoy it!


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Yuve is a New York City based brand of premium natural health products. Its goal is to provide a natural solution for busy people to maintain a complete diet without compromising on time. Made from non-GMO plant-based ingredients, Yuve’s wholesome products help improving overall health and natural beauty. Yuve has a complete nutritional profile. It contains high amount of plant-based protein, fiber, digestive enzymes, low sugar, very low fat, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-aging agents.

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