Quite often in life we face difficult situations and cannot find the right solution. There is no remedy for those moments. However, there are some common rules that always work for everyone.


1. In order not to regret the decisions you have made, it is necessary to abstract from your current state of mind. And to do that, you need to recall your core values ​​and priorities. Perhaps, not all of your decisions are consistent with your values, but at least, they should not contradict them.


2. No matter how complex or intractable the circumstances may seem, you need to ask yourself a question: “What can I learn from this situation?” There is something vital for you in any course of events; otherwise it would not have happened. Somehow, we create those tough moments ourselves by provoking our brain with thoughts and outlooks we created earlier in life. Fortunately, the universe gives us feedback to adjust our thoughts, attitudes and actions and, therefore, promote our personal growth.


 3 To find strength and wisdom to solve a problem think about qualities and characteristics of other people that attract you the most. You must find or develop exactly the same qualities in yourself in order to take control of the situation.


4. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid troubles in life. By focusing on negative thoughts, we tend to attract troubles into our lives and lose our focus. The most reasonable solution is to script your life and move in its direction without being afraid of difficulties. They are inevitable, but not insurmountable.


5. The main prerequisites for happiness are to: like what you do, like where you live and like who surrounds you. A thorough evaluation of the positive aspects of your life can help you understand what you do not like.


6. Focus on your advantages and improve them. Remember that people without flaws do not exist.  The true values of a person are his/her developed skills. Think about your past achievements and they will motivate you to behave similarly in the future. 


7. Learn to accept your worst qualities (according to you) with a smile. After all, humor relieves stress and helps look objectively at the difficulties. And, by the way, there are no bad characteristics. What you consider unworthy can be very useful one day.


8. Do not change your main goal, but adjust your behavior and attitude. What helped earlier in life may no longer have the same power. Change your strategies and techniques. Try as much as possible to be here and now, to be flexible and attentive, in order to correctly interpret what is happening. And do not listen to others. They estimate situations based on their own values and experience.


9. Sometimes we get hung up on only one solution to a problem and do not see anything else. The more options you can come up with, the more confident you will feel.


10. No matter how painful it can be, remember that nothing lasts forever: the day follows night and the sun follows rain. Remember that difficulties help us appreciate the best moments of our life.


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