Independent training not only gives you complete freedom but also the opportunity to meet interesting people and discipline yourself. How to approach this initiative and not give it up?


Go for your goal. Do not stop on only one type of exercise. Alternate running with pull-ups or push-ups and work with a rope. If you do not have any problems with your cardiovascular system and your musculoskeletal system, work with a high range of motion. It gives you a better metabolic effect than aerobic exercises only.


Remember about right nutrition. In the quest for good physical shape do not forget about healthy eating.  Consume only minimally processed foods that contain a lot of protein, minimum salt and no sugar. Remember about vitamins, minerals and fiber. Drink more water and eat only “good” carbohydrates.


Define the objectives. Set up measurable goals. Let’s say, you perform 5 pull-ups now and you want to increase reps up to 10 by the end of this month. The goal should be measurable and achievable; otherwise the initial motivation may not be enough.


 Work on your weaknesses. If you do not like a certain exercise, then most likely, you cannot get it right. Alternate “disliked” exercises with those that you enjoy and work hard on both of them.


Work out regularly. Tune in to a permanent work on yourself. Great physical shape, contrary to the wishes of many, is not acquired once and forever. Get a membership in the gym, run at the closest park or watch online videos at home.


Find like-minded people. If you are not sure about your workout, consult more experienced teammates online or a professional trainer. Look for outdoor group workouts in your city.


Remember that you have to love whatever you decide to do. Work hard and great results will not take long. 


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