Today’s busy schedules leave many people to pick and choose the aspects of their lives that they want to dedicate the most time to, feeding some enjoyable activities while sacrificing others. One of the biggest complaints among couples is not having adequate time to spend with one another. Why not combine one of the most popular pastimes—exercising—with time with the hubs for a great workout that strengthens both your body and your bond!


​Studies show that working out with a partner you feel at ease around gives you an advantage over fit folks doing it solo. Married couples who exercise together are nearly seven times more likely to stick with a fitness plan than those who don’t. By performing each move together, you become more conscious of your own individual technique; thus, more effort goes into each exercise. Spotting each other on the squat rack, taking turns on the punching bag, or simply doing laps together around a track all allow you to face the challenge as a team and encourage each other the whole way.​


A sweat session at the gym can easily lead to an entirely different kind of sweat session at home. Training together can be a new type of foreplay for many couples, allowing them to take on unique roles focused on encouragement and constructive provocation that ultimately increase libido. Friendly competition can work wonders for livening things up later on. Challenge your partner to a 300-meter swim race, or see who can finish 10 reps of tricep dips first. Keep it fun, but know that some harmless rivalry will encourage you both to give a little more both inside and outside of the gym.


Achieving goals with your loved one creates great memories, and when things get tough from time to time, it’s nice to have instances of positivity and enjoyment to look back on. Working out as a couple provides you both with a common objective to aim for, and sharing that type of experience only serves to build up muscle as well as affection.

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