How many calories did that run just burn? Was that 100M freestyle a PR? Do you achieve the recommended 10,000 steps a day?


Exercise goals can be difficult to keep on top of. These five fitness innovations make tracking your progress easy by overseeing your heart rate, suggesting more challenging moves, calculating calories, and (why not?) showing you how cool you look while breaking a sweat. 


1. Garmin Vivofit: A fitness tracker worn on the wrist that determines your current activity level, then encourages daily progress by assigning realistic, gradually-escalating goals. The gadget promotes constant improvement and healthy activity levels throughout the day.


2. 7-Minute Workout Challenge: An app that features a series of brief yet high-intensity routines that provide results to those who are crunched for time. The exercises are easy to do, do not require any equipment, and can be performed wherever and whenever you have less than 10 minutes to spare.


3. LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones: The activity tracker and earphones work together to monitor calories and speed, all-around acceleration with the 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter, plus GPS data. The Voice Guide notifies you of your heart rate and pace throughout your fitness program.


4. Virtual Runner: With the help of a smartphone, tablet, computer, and/or television, this app takes treadmill runners to some of the most legendary race courses, such as the Boston Marathon and the Central Park 10K. Run a new route or race every day from the comfort of your living room.


5. GroPro HERO4 Black: Offering supreme image quality over older models, HERO 4 Black delivers richer footage with greater detail and clarity. The Surf edition includes mounts to attach to your surf board and is waterproof to over 130 feet.


Think of these toys as a personal trainer in your pocket. Grab your water bottle, a pump-up playlist and an awesome gadget and impress yourself by going the extra mile (or two!). 


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