A group of researchers from Singapore has developed the technology of programming good bacteria to seek and destroy pathogens. This bioengineering method has been successfully tested on mice, and scientists plan to apply it to humans.


By using special biological coding scientists can program the bacteria Escherichia coli to find and destroy Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a rod-shaped bacterium that could cause pneumonia and other diseases dangerous to humans. At the beginning of the experiment, researchers implanted a gene into E. coli bacteria. This gene causes bacterium to develop peptide microcin S, known as “killer bacteria.” Then they added the genes responsible for the production of nuclease enzyme, which break down the biofilm produced by microorganisms to block antibacterial agents.


As a result, the bacteria killer detects the target, produces microcin S, and then immediately destroys the enemy. Examination of the feces of mice before and after the program showed that the number of P. aeruginosa in the body of rodents decreased, and the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria did not change.


The absence of any symptoms or side effects indicates the effectiveness of the bioengineering techniques. Excited researchers plan to adapt the technology for humans and treat a variety of bacterial infections. Currently, scientists are still working on this method.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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