Matcha Green Tea and Yoga: The Ultimate Relaxation

There are some sceptics that believe that matcha tea is nothing more than an overblown fad, a new health craze that saw in the new year but will be forgotten by the end of it. This may or may not have a lot to do with Gwyneth Paltrow and her own glowing endorsement. Forget about the hype for a minute and think about the true benefits of matcha green tea fuelled yoga. Matcha tea is celebrated not just because it tastes good and has been put into all kinds of interesting treats, but because it is even better for us than regular green tea. 

Matcha Green Tea calms our bodies and prolongs any sense of well-being

There are two main reasons why many of us are committed to drinking more green tea for healthy lifestyles: we know that it can have a physical impact, but there is also the fact that it is simply more soothing than many other drinks. The caffeine content in Matcha is almost twice as high compared to brewed green tea but two times lower compared to a shot of espresso. Unlike coffee, Matcha does not give jitters or headaches. Instead, it has a calming, relaxing effect, thanks to various amino acids and L-Theanine that slow down the release of tea-caffeine. You can use it as a treat to enhance the effects of the workout once you have finished, but you can also use it as a substitute for the water you might normally have beside you.

As much as green tea calms us, it also energizes and reinvigorates us

You may think that you need to go for a decaffeinated green tea for the best health benefits, but the truth is that the caffeine levels and tannin levels of most green tea blends are ideal. With just 24-39mg of caffeine a cup, green tea can make us alert for our morning yoga session without getting over-stimulated. Matcha green tea is also the way forward for a more energising workout because you can use it to get yourself in the right frame of mind and relieve any stress.

If that wasn’t enough, the antioxidants of matcha tea enhance the health benefits further

Then there are the chemicals in green tea that can enhance the benefits of doing yoga: antioxidants. These helpful aids work to detoxify the body for a greater sense of well-being. The presence of L-Theanine helps with stress relief and it acts as a great fat burner. There are plenty of health benefits associated with drinking green tea, it can even aid our hearts and immune systems. When you pair matcha green tea with yoga and meditation, however, the benefits increase.

So why is matcha green tea such a great choice for yoga and meditation?

Matcha green tea offers the chance to use a potent drink to unlock a new state of mind for an enhanced yoga session. L-theanine, that wonderful stress reliever, also provides a sense of cognitive synergy and promotes alpha wave production in the brain – which is precisely what we want to achieve with yoga. Put the two together and the chance for stress relief, relaxation and improved focus are increased. This is vital for yoga and meditation. Also, because matcha tea has three times as many of these helpful antioxidants as ordinary green tea, drinkers are far more likely to burn fat through their gentle yoga exercises and can feel even more invigorated afterwards.

It is all about the potency and authenticity of matcha green tea for a truly beneficial yoga session

The beauty of matcha green tea for many enthusiasts is the process and ceremony that goes into brewing it. It pays to take the time to brew this powdered tea properly and to sit and savour the soothing warmth and unique taste. It is also important to remember that there are different grades of matcha tea out there. Your local coffee house might add a weak component to their lattes but a pure Ceremonial Grade tea can really soothe the mind and body. This appreciation of an ancient art form is another reason why people look down their noses so much at the current matcha tea craze. Matcha tea lattes and cookies are fun but nothing can beat a traditional tea ceremony paired with a relaxing session of yoga. 


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