1. Prevents bowel cancer

Studies show that physically active people are 30% less likely to get colon and rectum cancers rather than those who do not exercise. A daily 30 minutes walk is sufficient enough to prevent tumors. However, you should start taking walks at young age and not when you come to the age of highest risk (colon and rectum cancers usually occurs after age of 50).


2. Normalizes blood pressure

When you sit all day behind a computer, blood circulates mainly in the abdomen and chest. When you walk, 80% of the blood rushes to your arms and legs. This leads to a lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Walk 30-40 minutes a day 5 times a week with an accelerated pace and you will see results.


3. Reduces the risk of varicose veins

Calf muscles actively work when we walk. They “squeeze” the elastic veins and help pushing blood back to our hearts. Walking helps avoid stagnation and accumulation of blood in the veins and stretches blood vessels’ walls.  Walk 30 minutes every day and do not forget to get up from the office chair every hour and walk for a couple of minutes.


4. Strengthens bones

Our bones absorb calcium better when we walk. Legs’ muscles put pressure on our bones and strengthen our skeleton. Also, walking fortifies the muscles and ligaments that maintain balance. It reduces the risk of falls and, as a consequence, fractures.


5. Relieves stress

While walking our body releases adrenaline and cortisol, two major stress hormones, as well as endorphins. The last ones improve some brain functions and boost mood. Scientists have established that even a 5 minutes walk can relieve stress.


6. Promotes weight loss

An hour walk burns about 200-300 calories. Not so many compare to the burned calories while running? Keep in mind that walking involves less joint and heart work than running. It is also more tolerated and more pleasant than exhausting gym exercising.


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