10 Hottest Health Apps

10 Hottest Health Apps

There are tons of useless smartphone apps out there. Did you know there is an app that will propose to your significant other for you? Or one that totes that tagline, “most accurate stapler simulator on the market”? Unless you are really out of practice with your Swingline, allow us to suggest some downloads worthy of your phone’s storage that will boost your health at the same time.


1. RunKeeper: This app syncs with your phone’s GPS to record your time, pace, distance, and calories burned, giving you audio cues along the way to keep you on top of your progress. In addition to tracking your nightly jogs around the block, you’ll also have access to a preloaded set of training routines.


2. Lumosity: And you thought your biceps were the only part of the body that needed exercising. This neurologist-developed training program works out your brain to improve your cognitive abilities. A series of entertaining yet tricky games challenges different parts of your thinking machine, allowing you to customize your experience and track your newfound brain strength.


3. MotionX 24/7: How do you sleep at night? Answer John Lennon’s question by utilizing the iPhone’s accelerometer, placing your handset next to your pillow or wearing it on an armband to determine how often you’re tossing and turning throughout the night. Your device’s microphone will also record your breathing and snoring to provide insight on how restful your sleep is. The data gathered helps to determine the best possible time for you to wake up in order to feel fully refreshed.


4. Pact: Each week, you pledge a set number of days you’ll work out along with a set amount of money. You’ll pay up for each day you miss, and get paid each time you bust out a sweat sesh, so the incentive to drag yourself to the gym is even greater when every minute on the treadmill could add up to a cute new workout top.


5. HealthyOut: Start off by plugging in your nutritional needs and dietary restrictions, and this app will find you something worth biting into at the restaurant of your choice. Once you’ve chosen a dish, the app will suggest healthy modifications and break down the calories into protein, carbs, and fats to ensure that your meal meets the needs of your health and your tastebuds.


6. iBGStar: With a little extra hardware in the form of a dock (sold separately), managing your diabetes just got a lot easier. This app can chart your glucose and insulin levels over time, as well as your carb intake. It then e-mails the data to your doctor so everyone’s in the loop on how well your levels are being managed.


7. Fooducate: Does your dinner live up to your health standards? Unlike other food trackers, this program goes beyond counting calories and lets you scan the barcodes of everything in your pantry to determine their “nutrition grades,” suggesting a healthier alternative if an item gets a bad grade.


8. SmokeFree: For the friend that needs a bit more convincing that Smokers are Jokers, this app aims to help users quit by showing them stats like how much money they’ve saved since quitting and what regenerative progress their body has made since they stopped.


9. Sickweather: Where in your city is the most sickness lurking? This app sifts through social media for people who offer up TMI about feeling under the weather, then adds them to a local map. Plotting out exactly where illness has shown up, and offering the option of sounding an alert when you’ve entered a “danger zone,” you’ll be able to avoid getting sick yourself.


10. Pocket First Aid & CPR: With all content provided by the American Heart Association, you can guarantee that the information on First Aid Basics, CPR, automated external defibrillators (AED), and medical, injury, and environmental emergencies is as legit as it gets. Hopefully not a necessary app for everyday use, but definitely a download you’ll be thankful for should an emergency situation arise.


With everything else we keep in the palm of our hands, you would think we’d have a better grip on our health. These apps make it easy to eat nutritiously, exercise smart, sleep well, and kick even your nastiest habit, so delete the candy from your diet and your home screen and make room for something better.