Best 5 Plant-Based Supplements to Boost Your immunity

Best 5 Plant-Based Supplements to Boost Your immunity

Not feeling your best? Ideally, you’d get enough sleep, lots of water, and all of your nutrients from a healthy diet. However, the reality is that many people struggle to eat well and that certain nutrients are difficult to get, even with a well-planned diet. Here is where you’d take vitamin C but is there any other plant-based supplements to boost your immunity? The answer is YES. Here are some herbal options for you.


1. Echinacea is one of the most popular herbs worldwide. Native Americans have used it for centuries to boost their health. This plant contains an impressive variety of components like alkamides, caffeic acid, phenolic acid, and many others that all together help improve immunity.

2. Elderberry is a super-immune fruit that delivers both antioxidant and immune support, due to its naturally occurring free radical defenders called anthocyanins. These tiny berries keep your skin radiant for a longer time and help prevent distressing skin conditions like breakouts, boils, and scars.

3. Have your heard about astragalus? This flowering plant is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine as an immunostimulant. The root of this herb is used for preparing extract or brewing tea to improve endurance, prevent respiratory infections and cold, and reduce inflammation. Not a lot of people know about astragalus but those that do are very pleased that they learned about this adaptogen.

4. It’s no secret about health benefits of olive oil - the staple of Mediterranean diet. But there’s a lesser-known byproduct of the plant that could provide a boost to your life - olive leaf extract. It comes from the leaves of the plant and contains the main bioactive of oleuropein. It’s good for heart health, anti-inflammation, and prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.

5. You are probably overlooking an essential mineral zinc. It’s considered a trace mineral, meaning we only need small amounts of it, but zinc is the nutritional superstar. It helps boosting immunity, heal skin (including acne), and assists with healthy vision as you age. Look for a mono-ingredient supplement or a high-quality multivitamin product with zinc in it.


To up your immunity boost in the most efficient way possible try several products. This bundle is what I take to keep my cold at bay. As a plant-based enthusiast, I supplement my body with vegan B12 for more energy and healthy bones. These days, I look into the  natural world for remedies as herbs did wonders for centuries. Be well, stay safe, keep smiling!