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All-in-One Protein Shakes

What is Yuve All-in-One Shake?

It is an innovative nutritional shake. It can substitute a meal, be used as a snack or as an addition to your favorite smoothie. You can mix it with water, milk of your choice, coconut water or blend it into a shake. This simple process does not require heating or cooking. You can easily appease your appetite in minutes.

Where do you source the ingredients?

Since our goal is to help you achieve optimum health, we use only the finest, cleanest and perfectly nourishing ingredients found in local US farms and in the safest places overseas. Each ingredient is tested for quality prior to production.

What makes All-in-One Shake sweet?

There is no added sugar in Yuve Shake. Instead, we use stevia extract and monk fruit, zero calorie natural plant-based sweeteners that perfectly tie with other healthy ingredients found in our formula.

What type of protein is used in Yuve All-in-One Shake?

We use a combination of natural pea and brown rice proteins for all our shakes. The combination of these 2 types of protein provides the body with a complete amino acid profile.

What happens to chia seeds in my stomach?

Chia seeds interfere with the digestive fluids of your stomach, expand in size and create a gel that delays the rate of converting carbohydrates into sugar. The amount of chia seeds in a single serving is just right for you to feel full and happy.

How many servings of it can I consume each time?

You can consume as many servings as your body needs. However, we recommend taking 1 serving to replace a snack and 2 servings to replace a meal. Enjoy!

When does it expire?

Because of the high-quality manufacturing processes and packaging we use, it can last for 2 years. We recommend that you keep our product in a cool, dry place away from moisture.

Who should use it?

it is beneficial for every person who is concerned about his/her health. Hectic professionals, busy students, active moms, fitness and health enthusiasts, athletes and seniors can all enjoy our delicious and convenient drinkable meal full of nutrient-dense natural ingredients. Just add water and voila!

Can children drink it?

The amount of micronutrients and macronutrients in one serving size of it is designed for adults. Since children’s nutritional needs are different from those of adults, we recommend that you consult your pediatrician before using our product. This way, your doctor can define the proper dosage for your child.

Can I use it if I am pregnant or nursing?

Although it is natural and safe, we recommend that pregnant and nursing women seek advice from their obstetricians prior to using our product.

I am on medication. Can I take it?

If you are taking prescription drugs, medication or supplements, speak to your health care provider before using it.

Is it only for vegans and vegetarians?

Even though it is a perfect option for vegetarians and vegans, it can also benefit a person with a broader diet. Our product is made from clean natural ingredients in order to assist everyone who wants to achieve optimal health.

Is it a weight loss product?

it is very high in protein and low in fat. It is also full of vitamins, minerals and probiotics your body needs. Regular use of Yuve as a meal or as a snack, in addition to a healthy diet, combined with regular physical activity can definitely lead to weight loss.

Do you offer any recipe ideas with Yuve All-in-One Shake?

Absolutely! There are plenty recipe ideas on our blog –

Children of what ages is Yuve Shake Kids designed for?

Yuve Shake Kids is designed for children 4-14 years old.

What is the right serving size of Yuve Shake Kids for my children?

Daily protein intake for kids varies depending on age, gender, and weight. We recommend giving 1 scoop of shake for children 4-7 years old and 2 scoops of shake for children 8-14 years old.

Herbal Blends

Is there any GMOs, gluten, animal derivatives, or chemichals in Yuve Herbal Blends?

Absolutely NO.

Is there any gelatin in the Herbal Blends' capsules?

Nope. All our capsules are vegan. They are made with vegetable cellulose.

Can I take multiple Yuve Herbal Blends in combination with one another?

Yes. We formulated our herbal blends in a way they could target your specific daily supplement needs and help you achieve your personal health goals.

Are there any artificial ingredients/colors in Yuve Herbal Blends?

No. We use real plants like turmeric, papaya, or cocoa for product coloring.

How are safety, purity and quality ensured?

Each ingredient is tested multiple times by different third-party companies for potency, contaminants and safety. Yuve products are safely manufactured in cGMP (FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices) audited facilities. The finished product is then tested again by a third-party independent agency before it's shipped to our customers.

Can I give Yuve Multivitamins to my kids?

Yuve Liquid Multivitamin has a complete profile of vitamins and trace minerals and it tastes like a delicious smoothie. We recommend giving ½ adult dose to children.

What is the difference between Yuve Probiotics and Yuve Daily Cleanse?

Yuve Daily Cleanse contains digestive enzymes that break down foods into nutrients that the body can then use for its functioning. Yuve Probiotic Gummies contain plant-sourced live bacteria that protect the digestive tract and improve gut health. For the best of health, both products provide great digestive support.


Does Yuve support any social cause?

Yuve is a proud Autism Approved® partner of the Autism Hope Alliance. Our donations help support families facing an autism diagnosis. The Autism Hope Alliance provides hope for families through education, financial support and volunteerism.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription service?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Please navigate to and follow the on-screen instruction to cancel or reactivate your subscription.

How can I open a wholesale account with Yuve?

Simply fill up the wholesale form with information about your business here and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

Do you offer free products samples?

We do not offer samples at this time. However, we offer our special 15%off discount with code: NOTE15 for our All-in-One Shakes. Alternatively, we offer a 60-days money-back guarantee on Amazon. If you don't like our products you can simply return them :)

Is shipping free?

Shipping for USA orders $75+ is free. For less than $75 order, we charge $4.99 shipping and handling fee. For International Shipments we charge a variable fee based on weight.

What is your return policy?

You can find our return policy at the following link:

Are there any discounts for students and veterans?

You can get 10% OFF Yuve products with a valid military .mil e-mail address by using code: MILITARY10 and 10% OFF with a valid educational e-mail address by using code: STUDY10 at checkout.

Do you offer any incentives for referral?

Yes. We offer $20 for referring a friend! Learn more about this great deal at

How can I become Yuve's affiliate?

The process is simple. Learn about benefits we offer to our affiliates and apply for the program here

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