Yuve Shake Samples

The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Shake: Chocolate + Vanilla

+ Meets Women's Nutritional Needs
+ Boosts Energy
+ Improves Skin, Nails and Hair
+ Assists with Healthy Weight Loss

25+ Superfoods and Raw Chia Seeds
15g Plant-Based Protein
Only 2g of Sugar
NOTHING Artificial

+ 15% Off your first purchase

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Gluten free


Npa cert


Non gmo


Dairy free


Soy free


How Can I Use My Free Packets?

Here are some ideas for you!

Yuve milk

Yuve + Water

Sara oberle

I have to give a big THANK YOU to Yuve for creating such a wonderful product! For the longest time I’ve been searching for good supplement brands. I tried Yuve out for the first time and was so happy with what I tasted.

Sara Oberle, RD, LDN
Yuve smoothie

Yuve + Smoothie

Alex vegetariansnob

I did a taste test of Yuve plain with unsweetened, original almond milk, and then as a smoothie, and both were delicious! I was super happy to find Yuve is NOT filled with weird ingredients.

Alex, Blogger & Vegan Recipe Creator
Yuve breakfast bowl

Yuve + Breakfast Bowl

Nicole dashofcompassion

It’s like eating chocolate pudding for breakfast! Yuve has refined texture and a unique taste that comes from the combination of chia seeds, cocoa beans and a lovely hint of raspberry. You can even smell the raspberries.

Nicole Axworthy, Writer & Photographer
Yuve cooking

Yuve + Cooking

Anna timonina

This shake is fantastic! I incorporate it in some of my favorite recipes and really enjoy it. It also improved my digestion and skin. Thank you guys for such an innovation!

Anna, Esthetician & Vegan

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