“Enjoy your healthy salads without worrying about bloating, heavy gas, and your stomach rumbling at most times!” - Lorena A, Yuve Customer

Lectin Blocker



Lectin block formula may help reducing gas, bloating, and other digestive discomfort.

Non-GMO | Vegan | Gluten - Free | Soy Free | Corn Free | Made in a GMP Facility

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LECTIN SHIELD THAT WORKS To protect your body from harmful lectin you can avoid eating foods that are high in lectins or simply use a lectin defense supplement. Yuve Lectin Blocker consists of a mix of powerful herbs that provide digestive aid naturally. Enjoy the foods you like and have your guts under control!

★ BENEFITS OF LECTIN GUARD Lectins is considered to be one of the main dangers found in the American diet. Lectin block formula may help reducing gas and bloating, assisting with healthy weight and digestive discomfort.

★ HOW IT WORKS Legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains provide plant-based protein but they contain high amounts of lectin. The blend of Okra extract, bladderwrack, larch tree berry, and other ingredients in Yuve Lectin Blocker simply works as an anti-lectin in the body and let you enjoy the multiple benefits of a plant-based diet.

★ MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Unlike many powders, pills, softgels or tablets, Yuve vegan capsuls are Non GMO, free of yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, colors, milk, peanuts, shellfish or fish.

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