With lower consumption of water, energy, and land, plants have a lower impact on the environment. Farming of plants reduces greenhouse gas emission. Growing responsibly means supporting small farming with practices that protect the local communities.

Good for you

Plant-based ingredients cut out unhealthy items like added sugars and preservatives. They are easy for you to digest and lead to a healthy weight. They reduce the chance of heart attack and high cholesterol. Vegan capsules are free of gelatin. Plants are yummy and cruelty-free!

Support autism

Yuve is a proud Autism Approved® partner of the Autism Hope Alliance. Our donations help support families facing an autism diagnosis. The Autism Hope Alliance provides hope for families through education, financial support and volunteerism. AHA is the first nonprofit foundation for Autism to emerge from the natural foods industry. Since 2008 we have helped over 63,000 families facing autism through education and scholarship and distributed $1,272,035 worth of nutritional supplements and food.

How we make our products?

Yuve products are made with real plants and superfoods. They avoid the sins of the industry entirely. No chemicals and no artificial flavors whatsoever! We source our ingredients responsibly. Each of them is tested multiple times for potency, contaminants and safety. All ingredient lists on our labels are transparent and readable.
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