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I came from Russia,

A land of ballet and alternative medicine. Dancing was my passion and I devoted years to sculpting my body with diets and rehearsals. Clean nutrition and herbs were an important part of it. Thanks to my grandma, I’ve learned self-healing through the products of nature. I moved to the US to pursue the American dream but it wasn’t easy. Managing college, jobs and a crazy New York City lifestyle took an enormous toll on my health. I realized that leaving the healthy lifestyle of my former dance life had left me deprived of the fitness level and energy I once enjoyed. After researching the right supplements for myself, I grew wary of the artificial ingredients and unbalanced formulas most of them have.

Instead of accepting the status quo,

I decided to combine my knowledge of holistic medicine and the expertise of the best nutritionists in NY to develop an all-natural plant-based line of protein meals and herbal blends to meet the nutritional needs of busy, health-conscious individuals like myself. Together with Sam Basilio, A former bodybuilder and the best gym buddy and co-founder in the world, we spent months researching and selecting pure wholesome ingredients for our products. No Artificial Colors, Sweeteners, Flavors. Whatsoever. With that, Yuve (Youth) was born to help each of you be healthy, happy, and balanced.
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